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We are a group of patriotic Americans who oppose the efforts of the Open Border Lobbyists (OBL) to turn America into a scofflaw, multi-cultural diverse mirror of the Third World Countries that the majority of illegal aliens come from. By limiting legal immigration, and more critically, controlling our borders to minimize illegal immigration, our goal is to preserve the high quality of life which all American citizens should have the opportunity to enjoy.

Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States

Friday, April 01, 2005

ACLU Dogs Minuteman Project

The ACLU is training Legal Observers to stalk Minutemen and make sure they don’t violate any laws during the Minuteman Project. ACLU’s official façade will be that “we are here to protect the First Amendment rights of everyone,” including those nasty “vigilantes.” Ray Ybarra said he decided to start calling the Minutemen vigilantes after President Bush used the term. Of course, the media has been calling any kind of anti-illegal alien activists vigilantes for many years.

Ray Ybarra, marshal to this motley posse of activists, says he got the ACLU involved when he noticed a lot of chatter on white power websites about the MMP. Hmmm…now what is Mr. Ybarra, who is Hispanic, doing reading those websites? He claims he sent his press release about the ACLU getting involved to only a few local newspapers, and afterwards he asserts he began receiving hate email and phone calls, allegedly from white power people. The day of this meeting, “hate handbills” had been distributed in Douglas with the name National Alliance on them. Naturally, of course, no one knows who placed them, or even who printed them up.

[Editor’s note: being curious about Ybarra’s claim of white power extremists being interested in and supportive of MMP, I did a Google search under the terms “white power minuteman project,” and got more than 10 pages. Being a bit pressed for time, I only looked at the websites on the first three pages. It seems that all the frenzy over white power people taking over the MMP has been generated solely by the Open Borders Lobby, leftist groups, and the media! The majority of sites were mainstream newspaper articles interviewing Gilchrist and Simcox regarding leftist/media concerns that white power supremacists might come and be a disruptive influence, and both of them spent many words dispelling assertions that they are racists themselves, or that they welcomed them. I only found ONE site,, where there was any discussion of MMP. It appears that this is a typical example of the duplicitous Left whipping up a “racist” frenzy where there is none. Do a search yourself, and see how many “racists” you can find.]

Ybarra gave a one-sentence history of vigilantism, saying it started with the Hannigans, who in the 1970’s beat up immigrants, took their clothes and made them walk back to Mexico naked. He then said that people like Chris Simcox and others started moving here because of this so-called “vigilantism.” He said he’d gone out with Simcox of Civil Homeland Defense on a couple of patrols, on the pretense that he had just wanted to observe what he was doing. They found no aliens. He said that’s the norm—that Simcox hardly ever finds any aliens!

Ybarra made a point of saying at least 8 times that being a legal observer was very dangerous, and that he didn’t even have a sign-up sheet at the meeting because he wanted us to go home and talk to our families and loved ones about what we were contemplating doing. I had a notion to ask, “Ya mean we should make out a Power of Attorney for Healthcare and a Living Will, too, before we go out into the field?” but I held my tongue.

Never let it be said that the ACLU isn’t full of drama and histrionics! When asked if he had any concerns about the MS-13 gang not being able to tell the difference between the observers and the Minutemen, he replied that the threat of them converging on the border to assassinate the Minutemen was a rumor started on the internet to scare people away. The ACLU legal observers, on the other hand, must go unarmed, and be non-violent, despite alleged threats of violence from the nasty “vigilantes and white supremacists.” There seemed to be some concern about the Minutemen being armed, although many of them have stated that they would do their observation without sidearms. Apparently, liberals don’t like guns in the hands of ordinary citizens. I guess they prefer to trust the police and the military.

Ybarra said the goals of observing are three-fold:

1) to deter abuses by our presence;
2) to document illegal activity through video, which will get on the web within 45 minutes;
3) to get the message out that the suffering and death of those looking for work is outrageous (I think he means the illegal aliens.)

In spite of the First Amendment being the star of the ACLU show, Ybarra insists that legal observers NOT SPEAK to the media! The official ACLU mouthpieces will issue the appropriate propaganda. Oh, and did I mention that the observers may not talk to the Minutemen, either?

This is NOT a job for a social person, I can tell you! You will spend a lot of time alone out there in the field. Ybarra added that if a MMP participant said “good morning” to an observer, that the observer could just be polite and return the greeting, as we “must always respect their humanity.” If I were a cat with a hairball, I think I’d feel like hurling it right about now.

In one of his most quotable moments, Ybarra said, “As citizens and residents of this area, we have a choice whether or not to put ourselves in danger; those who are coming across the border, who are forced by economic necessity, do not have a choice.” Good, Ray, why don’t you go down south and help them set up some industries where they can work and actually MAKE A LIVING?

Ninety percent of the meeting was composed of women, mostly of the middle-aged hippie variety. One of them, who calls herself “Walking Mary” seemed to really have it in for Chris Simcox, as she made quite a point of telling everyone he is on probation and not allowed to carry a gun, so if anyone sees him with a gun, “he’s going to prison, get it on video, and call the sheriff!”

In another giant leap of leftist fantasy, Ybarra said that although MMP had “disavowed any association with white power websites, the only people supporting the MMP now are white supremacists.”

The ACLU doesn’t know where the MMP command center is, and apparently they don’t know where theirs is, either. It will be called a “peace” or “communication” center (I guess they don’t like the authoritarian sound of “command”), and it will be somewhere in Bisbee or Douglas—no one seems certain exactly where. People will leave their cars there, so no one can meddle with them (can you say paranoid?), and be shuttled out to their field assignments.

When asked what the legal observers would do if they had to go on private property to follow the Minutemen, Ybarra responded, “it’s the law that the ranch owners have to ask you to leave” (if you don’t have permission to be there). Now I’m wondering, does this mean that the ACLU will carelessly trespass on private property? Are civil rights fine for some, but not for others? Is trespassing is OK with the ACLU, as long it’s far away from their homes and it’s some aliens tramping through a rancher’s land?

Observers will be needed to attend all demonstrations, and even to report on police abuse of Minutemen, “so that we are not always saying crazy racist.” Ybarra says, “there’s no need to demonize individuals. The media wants liberals and conservatives yelling at each other, and being in their faces.” Why am I reminded of Elmer Fudd yelling, “Cwazy Wabbit!”?

Encompassed on 27 pages of memo for the training, several laws are cited which Ybarra purports prove that the activities of the MMP are illegal, including the idiotic assertion that if an illegal border crosser stops when confronted by a Minuteman, that “proves” restraint by intimidation. I wonder, does that include talking, if it’s two-way? What about just LOOKING in the direction of the Minuteman—does that count?

Much was made of rancher Roger Barnett defending his own property, as if that were a crime. Apparently, the ACLU thinks his dogs are also “vigilantes” and everyone seemed to agree that they hoped no one would bring their dogs to “intimidate” the poor little illegal aliens.

Two topics were left out: where the bathrooms were (there are none), and what to do if an observer doesn’t return to the “peace” center. Even though the memo said not to wear skirts, “Talking Mary” volunteered that it was much easier to pee when wearing a skirt. I’ll have to tell the boys about that!

As a fitting denouement to my evening, I was stopped by the Police just as I turned off the highway onto the dirt road to my house.
A very young man took one look at me and said, “We’re just checking because there are a lot of UDA’s (Undocumented Aliens) around here. I don’t often see someone turn off the highway onto a dirt road.” Does this law officer not know that people actually LIVE OUT HERE? Obviously, he doesn’t know the area—he must think that any car using a dirt road is filled with illegal aliens! Anyway, I asked him if he were Border Patrol, because he had no real department identification large enough for me to read, and he responded that he was a special officer with Bisbee police, and would be in the area all during the Minute Man Project. Even though it was dark, I could see that his entire uniform was olive drab.

Vendors, get ready—there will be thousands of out-of-towners in the next month! I smell money in the air! This is Cochise County’s big chance to make a killing!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

ACLU Plans To Shadow Minuteman Project

I think it always pays to know what the opposition is doing. Here is an email sent out by Derechos Humanos regarding the training to be a legal observer. Notice how Ray Ybarra, the ACLU atty, whines that he is getting hate mail. Would anyone like to go to one of the training sessions and then attend MMP as an observer, but actually be a double agent? Oh, and make sure you call Kat and Ray to ask for directions to all their events.

Hello Everyone,We are now two weeks away from the start of theMinuteman Project and things are starting to pick up.The training dates have been set for AZ and are asfollows:Douglas: Monday March 28, Douglas Public Library 5:30pmTucson: Wednesday March 23, U of A Law School Room128 Noon, contact: Beth Sanders AFSC,bsanders@afsc.orgPhoenix: Saturday March 26, 1pm, tentatively set forACLU Office depending on response so please RSVP to meand if you do not have the address I will get it toyou.There has been a lot more interest in being a legalobserver then I imagined, from long-time human rightsactivists in California and Arizona, internationalhuman rights activists with experience in Columbia,Chiapas, Palenstine, Iraq, lawyers from California andArizona, University Professors and college studentsfrom Stanford, UC Riverside, NAU, U of A, ASU, andCochise College, local border advocates, and those whocan be considered first-timers from here in theDouglas area who are enraged that this is happening intheir back yard.I of course have to be frank and let you know that wehave recieved hate mail and calls and there have beena lot of anti-postings on white power websites such asthe following:"It's be a darn shame if they got "lost" in that big,old desert area.""Not only do I wish I were in AZ, but if I was and Iknew you were around I'd walk up to you and spit inyour face because of the debautchery you support andthe good that you detest. ""This just in:Several ACLU lawyers have been foundshot to death.""What's a bunch of dead ACLU Plague Rats, lying on theground right over on the *Mexican* side of theborder?????.....A good start!!!!""This is to inform you that 16 members of our groupwill be shadowing the ACLU observers to make sure thatthere is no abuse to the patrol members by the ACLU.Our members are highly trained and will be verydiscreet. The ACLU is clearly anti-American to thehighest degree and Americans are sick and tired ofbeing harassed by the ACLU. Americans United againstthe UN/ACLU"I am not trying to scare you away, but justreiterating that we are choosing to put ourselves intoa potentially dangerous situation. Of course, themigrants who come out of economic necessity do nothave this choice and if I was in their situation Iwould appreciate it if someone was out there if one ofthese hate filled individuals with a sidearm is toencounter anyone in the middle of the desert.The potential for violence and the amount of threatsis leading the ACLU of Arizona to perhaps reconsidertheir strategy. Regardless, there are a group ofindividuals who will be serving as legal observersthroughout the month of April.Attached are some FAQ's about being a legal observer.At the end of this list there are also donations wecould need mainly video cameras, tapes, extra videocamera batteries, and two-way radios.If you have not been following the news here is whatMinuteman Organizers are saying about legal observers,"Chris Simcox, co-organizer of the Minuteman Projectand longtime advocate of helping patrol the borderusing citizens, said the ACLU is not a detriment tothe proposed operations planned in April. He said ACLUmembers have patrolled with the Civil HomelandDefense, a Tombstone-based group he formed.Simcox said the ACLU observers can walk along with thevolunteers and sit with them./The more presence thereis, the bigger the message will be to illegalimmigrants, Simcox said./"It will create more of adeterrent," \"We have the ACLU, the media, the sheriff'sdepartment, and the Border Patrol out there. There isno way anyone is getting out of hand," Simcox said.I certainly hope this last comment is correct, andsincerely believe that holding a video camera behindsomeone filled with hate means things are a lot lesslikely to get out of hand.Feel free to forward the information about themeetings to others who might be interested.
Ray Ybarra American Civil Liberties Union of ArizonaIra Glasser Racial Justice FellowP.O. Box 3740Douglas, AZ 85608(520) 364-1188

FAQ Volunteers:

I can only make it down for one weekend, when am I needed the most?

We are assuming that MMP will have most of their volunteers out on weekends and that is when we also plan to have the most amount of our legal observers. If you can make it during the week that would be great.

If you can only come on the weekend that is also fine. As of now there are more people signed-up for April 2-3 then any other time so please keep that in mind.

What is the purpose of legal observers?

Legal Observers are to serve three purposes (1) deter any abuses by our presence (2) document the activities of the MMP, and (3) focus attention on the real problem at the border, the fact that human beings are suffering and dying who are only in search of work to improve their lives and the lives of their families by doing work that they are offered in the U.S.A.

What exactly will we be doing?

Legal Observers will more then likely find themselves on one of the following three assignments:

1) Following MM as they hike through the desert and search for other human beings.

When actively hiking through the desert legal observers should stay 10-15 feet behind MM. Dress in layers and be prepared for many hours in the middle of the desert. ie, there will not be any convenience stores around so make sure you have plenty of water and snacks with you as well as the equipment for being a legal observer (cell phone, two-way radio, video camera, writing pad and pen)

2) Sitting behind MM as they are stationed in the desert

MM will also be sitting on lawn chairs in the middle of the desert, essentially doing nothing. They perch themselves on high ground so they can see over trails that come from the U.S.-Mexico border.

Legal observers here will sit approximately 20-30 feet behind MM. Also remember to dress in layers and have the necessary equipment for being a legal observer (see above). You might even want to bring something with you to read.

3) Legal Observing at Protest

At this time we do not know if non-ACLU legal observers will show up to counter protest MM rallies that are scheduled in front of Border Patrol Stations and local city halls.

We must be prepared for any counter-demonstrators and document activities of both groups as well as law enforcement officials.

Do I have to be a lawyer to be a legal observer?

Absolutely not, but you must go through a training on how to be a legal observer and specific requirements to adhere to for this event?

What are the authoritarian requirements you are asking volunteers to adhere to?

1) Remain non-violent at all times.
2) Do not be confrontational with MM volunteers
3) Do not be confrontational with law enforcement officials

Is this going to be dangerous?

You may very likely find yourself in the middle of the desert standing behind armed individuals who believe the people they encounter are ruining our society. The amount of activity on White-Power websites about this event is certainly a reason to be concerned.

Additionally, the possibility of encountering someone who wishes to do MM volunteers harm is also something we must be concerned about. Whether it be drug dealers, gang members, or vigilantes who are upset that law enforcement officials allow this activity to happen, there is a chance of being caught in cross-fire.

Then there is also the concern of having to deal with the harsh desert environment, including the sun, the cold, wild animals (both human and non-human), sharp brush, etc.

The possibility of danger is not something to be taken lightly.

Where will legal observers be based out of?

Our activities will be coordinated out of Douglas, AZ. A community of 17,000 on the U.S.-Mexico border, approximately 2 hours southeast of Tucson, AZ.

A large amount of volunteers will be coming from outside of Cochise County and in addition to a lot of waiting you will probably also have to do a lot of driving. MM activities are based out of Tombstone, AZ, approximately 45 minutes from Douglas.

What should I bring with me?

Be prepared for the desert climate. It is warm during the day, cold at night, often extremely windy, and at times it could rain. Dress in layers and also remember sunblock, glasses, a cap, a watch. It is best not to wear shorts as you will likely be cut up walking through the brush.

Please try also to secure a video camera, a cell phone, and two-way radios. Chances are you may not have any of these, ACLU-AZ is trying to secure extras, but as many of these as you can bring would be great. You may also want to consider bring a book to read.

Will we be patrolling at night as well?

This depends if individuals are willing to go out at night. If this is the case you should also have a high powered flashlight with you.

Where can I stay?

On the Minuteman website that have a very detailed list of lodging in Southeastern Arizona. If you would like I will do my best to secure free lodging for you, but you must be prepared for a spot on the floor at my house or with one of my relatives. Please advise at least a week in advance if you would like this option.

Equipment need list

Each team of volunteers should have between them the following:

1-Cell Phone (of course there is a possibility you will be in an area where there is no cell phone coverage.

2-One two-way mobile radio that communicates back to central command

3-Video Camera

4-Note pad and pen

5-Plenty of Water and Snacks

6-Emergency Food Kit

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Churches Aiding and Abetting Illegal Aliens

From Magic City Morning Star
Jan HerronCatholic Charities Caper; Alms for Illegal AliensBy Jan HerronMar 11, 2005, 20:33
As citizens mounting nationwide campaigns to end all public assistance to illegal aliens, we could easily overlook an important source of "safety-net assistance" to illegal aliens: government funding to "non-profit" groups who knowingly and intentionally provide assistance to illegal aliens. Federal law (USC Title 8, Chapter 12, subchapter II, Section 1324) has a name for this: "aiding and abetting illegal immigration." It's a crime punishable by a fine and/or jail time. Several seemingly "faith-based" groups are involved (Lutheran Social Services, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, American Friends Service Committee), but the largest is Catholic Charities USA.
Most people believe Catholic Charities is funded entirely by voluntary donations, but they couldn't be more wrong. In FY 2002, over 60% of CCUSA funding came from government grants and contracts, another term for "taxpayers' money!" Don't let the ostensibly "religious" title fool you, because these groups often promote a communistic/atheistic agenda.
Only by public disclosure of these groups and their activities can Citizens demand that Congress cease funds to such groups. Since President Bush recently met with "faith-based" representatives in the effort to increase "immigration/refugee" numbers, contacting the President is futile.
Various Catholic Charities officials have openly admitted "aiding and abetting," and the organization's website ( openly promotes its open borders agenda:
"Welcome Refugees, Asylees, and Immigrants
Immigrants-including documented and undocumented workers, refugees, and asylees come to the U.S. seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Often, they are fleeing racial, religious, social, or political persecution in their home countries.
All immigrants are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity. To this end, CCUSA promotes legislative reforms to restore federal benefits to legal immigrants, increase admissions of refugees and asylees, create better opportunities for undocumented workers to earn legalization, allow immigrants to reunite with their families more easily, and improve protections for immigrants under federal laws, including labor laws."
Those agencies who openly aid and abet illegal immigration and in other ways "bite the hand that feeds them" is not only an insult to every American taxpayer, but an indictment to every government official charged with administering public money. Giving taxpayers' money to groups who openly defy our laws is an outrage! April 15th is soon approaching - if you aren't angry, you should be!
Oregonian Barbara Anderson recently published a website report to Catholic Citizens of Illinois how two "Catholic Charities" groups use taxpayers' money to undermine and violate our laws.
"Time was when the poor widow in the pew gave her mite, assured that she was helping someone even more vulnerable than she was. That is no longer true, as the money being given may or may not end up feeding the poor, clothing the naked, etc. Two of the "Catholic" charities sanctioned by the bishops have become circuitous routes leading to unexpected ends." 1
Stephanie Blank "exposed the labyrinth of entities used to divert money to causes most Catholics would not support. CCHD is not a Catholic charity, strictly speaking, as its literature casually points out. From money given by Catholics, grants are made mainly to groups who agitate, politically and otherwise, for causes many Catholics know nothing about, and would not give their money to, if they knew. A current prominent cause is the promotion of illegal immigration. This takes the shape of supporting groups who are formed to lobby politically for illegal immigration. It is one example of how money is spent, mostly without the knowledge or acquiescence of Catholics who do not want to aid and abet lawbreakers (illegal aliens). Catholics have always been taught to obey the laws of their countries, and that the end does not justify the means.
Catholic Charities USA lays out on its website the amount of lobbying being done to influence lawmakers to effect its "social justice" programs. CCUSA also mentions that it helps all people, regardless of race, religion, etc. It, too, advocates aggressively for illegal immigration. Most of its advocacy could have been lifted from the Democrat platform. For example, CCUSA lobbies for the DREAM Act, which would allow children of illegal immigrants to take advantage of in-state tuition. Since most colleges have tight enrollment capacity, this would mean that some citizens would be passed over in favor of children of illegals. Even the term "illegal" is anathema to CCUSA and like-minded supporters, who say that nobody should be classified as illegal. Of course, that is the term the U.S. government gives to those who come into this country without permission. CCUSA has been successful in blurring the line between legal and illegal. Most people would support some legal immigration, with its checks and balances, but more than seventy percent of Americans polled say they want illegal immigration stopped. Apparently, the bishops have determined that this country doesn't have enough poor people, so we must import poverty.
From birth (free for anyone who goes into a hospital in America) through Head Start and higher education, through all the welfare systems, CCUSA is there to lobby our lawmakers. It seems that the bishops have given up on pure charities, such as St. Vincent de Paul, in favor of putting their considerable clout behind lobbying government for their social justice programs. In some dioceses St. Vincent de Paul is treated like the proverbial stepchild and receives little or no support from the Catholic charities. Pro-life groups are given lip service, but not the power of the bishops in personnel, publicity or funds. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops did not agree with the Vatican when it indicated that politicians who publicly support pro-abortion groups and positions should not be given communion. Dare we ask if it was because to do so would have weakened its traditional allies, the Democrats, at election time?
Many Catholics have remarked on the seeming enigma of their bishops' lukewarm support of pro-life groups, in contradiction to Pope John Paul's strong advocacy of the same groups. Have the bishops agreed to emphasize only the social gospel and ignore the most vulnerable of their flocks, the babies in the womb? A search of CCUSA's yields no apparent advocacy of pro-life efforts. Some bishops have spoken out for pro-life causes, but they receive little publicity. At the present time, where are the American bishops defending the life of Terri Schiavo?
Is pure charity and advocacy for life of no value to CCUSA? Is no tax too great, no government welfare program too expensive and expansive, for support from CCUSA? It is fair to ask if the bishops have lined up at the government trough." 1
Could it be that "Islamic charities" aren't alone in providing a front for activities that wouldn't stand up to public scrutiny? I can hear the outraged howls as I suggest that groups under the "Catholic Charities" umbrella could be equally guilty, but the facts are clear; Catholic Charities receives billions of public dollars to serve an agenda that is not only opposed by most Americans, but systematically undermines our entire legal and political system. On the evening of September 26, 2003, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church (in Denver), the Catholic Archdiocese at the highest level, welcomed the illegal alien Freedom Riders on their way to Washington, DC to demand amnesty and benefits for all illegal aliens in the United States.
The Catholic Church is credited with inventing the "City of Sanctuary" program for illegal aliens. The Catholic church has aided and abetted illegal aliens since the late 1960's. They employ well-paid lobbyists to knock on congressional doors to secure taxpayers' funds for the "branch" of the church known as "Catholic Charities." These "Catholic Charities" organizations receive billions of taxpayer dollars annually, with absolutely no oversight. They are rolling in the dough to support a haven for illegal aliens and YOU are paying for it.
"Taking America Back" means shining the light on such "religious" racketeers who steal from American taxpayers to support lawbreaking illegal aliens. April 15th is just around the corner. If you're not angry, you should be ... knowing that your hard earned tax dollars are being given to aid and abet illegal aliens.
1 Barbara Anderson, "Bishops at the Trough,", March 8, 2005
Jan Herron can be reached at© Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 by

Friday, March 18, 2005

Observers Needed to Observe the Observers!

Here's another message from the Leftist weenies who are going to be watching MMP. HOw about if we WATCH the watchers? Or better yet, phone and email these ppl and tell them how much you are looking forward to meeting them! Anyone want to infiltrate the "training" session and report to us? Please note that the American "Friends" Service Committee (Quakers) is in this up to their eyeballs. Please also note the same old lies they persist in telling about anti-illegal alien activists: they are vigilantes, will prevent "migrants" from moving around by physically imprisoning them, etc. Any moron (does Kat Rodriguez of Derechos Humanos qualify?) could tell by reading the MMP SOP that they will only be observing and reporting!
And what happens to all these "observers" when they want to enter private land for which they have no permission, but perhaps MMP does? Will they, like illegal aliens, just trample the private property owner's land in their phony quest for "civil rights?"
Defender USA

Direct from Derechos Humanos:

For anyone interested in helping out the ACLU with legal observers for the M&M Project in April, below is the info on the trainings. Please pass along to anyone else you think might be interested.

Minuteman Project scheduled to begin in April!
Please help defend justice by being a legal observer in Cochise County!

The Minuteman Project is a vigilante effort consisting of over 550 registered volunteers from 41 states who are scheduled to “patrol” the desert border area of Cochise County during April and apprehend undocumented migrants that are headed for the US. A major fear of human rights groups is that the Minutemen will be violating the false imprisonment law (A.R.S. 13-1303). A person commits unlawful imprisonment by knowingly restraining another person. False imprisonment is likely to occur by Minuteman volunteers; they will be intercepting US-bound migrant groups (likely including minors) in isolated desert areas with firearms, while giving migrants the ‘suggestion’ of waiting for border patrol authorities. Because of these predicted actions, legal observers are needed during the entire month of April to monitor and record all interactions between vigilantes and immigrants. Legal observers will be crucial in detouring potential abuses and will help highlight the problems associated with immigrants’ rights on the border. Please be forewarned that the environment in which legal observers will be located has the potential of being dangerous. If you are not willing to take these risks in order to serve as a volunteer, we kindly ask that you make a decision about your participation that reflects this concern.

Legal observers needed to monitor vigilante activities!
If you are interested in being a legal observer during the Minuteman Project, please join Ray Ybarra, the legal observer organizer based out of Douglas, from noon to 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 23rd in the ‘Quarles and Brady Seminar Room’ (room 128) at the University of Arizona Law School (located on Speedway and Mountain). This will be a time to answer all questions about the details around the Minuteman Project, what it means to be a legal observer, and an opportunity to actually train volunteers who will be legal observers.

Questions? Please contact Beth Sanders with the American Friends Service Committee at 623-9141 or

Interested in learning more about the Minuteman Project? Please access the following recently published articles:
-Arizona Daily Star 2/22:
-Arizona Republic 3/5:
-El Universal 3/12:
-The official Minuteman Project Website:
-For more info on what other local groups are doing, call Derechos Humanos at 520-770-1373 or the Border Action Network at 623-4944

Beth Sanders
American Friends
Service Committee
Tel. (520) 623-9141
Fax. (520) 623-5901
931 N. 5th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705

Illegal Alien-lovers plan activities in MMP territory

Feel free to distribute far and wide. This comes direct from Derechos Humanos. They ARE GOING TO CONFRONT MMP in the field. Feel free to phone and email these individuals and tell them how much you are looking forward to meeting them!
--Defender USA

In response to an increased anti-immigrant and hate driven presence in Arizona, community members have come together to declare solidarity and unity on our borders.
For the month of April, a series of Unity Events in our border communities will show the true spirit of the majority of Arizonans, and their commitment to nonviolence and peace on our borders.
Please join us in promoting a message of unity in Arizona communities. See below for details about events. For more information, directions, sponsors, and to download flyers, please visit:
If your organization would like to sponsor or support these efforts, please contact Derechos Humanos at: 520.770.1373

Saturday, April 2nd:
Women in Black Vigil
Time: 1PM
Location: Naco Highway, just north of the border
Please park north of railroad tracks
All participant are requested to wear black
Please see website for directions:
Contact Angelika: 520.432.5359

Saturday, April 9th
Borderlands Poetry:
A Reading Across the Wall
Time: 4-6pm
West end of the Naco/Naco border wall
Please visit website for directions:
Contact Paul: 520.432.1750

Sunday, April 17th
Interfaith Vigil Service
Time: 5:00pm
West end of the Naco/Naco border wall
Please see website for directions:
Contact Fr. Carney: 520.885.5908

Sunday, April 24th
Volleyball Over the Border
Time: To Be Announced
West end of the Naco/Naco border wall
Please visit website for directions:
Contact Paul: 520.432.1750

Saturday, April 30th
Unity Celebration
Time: 3-7PM
Gather: 2:30pm on US side for Unity Walk across the border
Location: To Be Announced
(remember to bring ID for return to US)
Please see website for directions:
Contact Kat: 520.770.1373

Monday, March 14, 2005

What's it Really Like on the Border?

The American Spectator--October 2000

Alien Crossings

Ask ranchers along America's border with Mexico what'sbeen going on, and they'll say "Invasion!"

Saturday, March 12, 2005

America the Police State?

I’m reading a rather dry book right now, but in it I found these nuggets:

[On February 28, 1933, the day after the Reichstag fire, Hitler had Paul Von Hindenburg declare a state of emergency.]

“In its first section the ‘Reichstag Fire Decree,’ as it came to be known, set aside ‘until further notice’ the basic rights of German citizens provided by the Weimar constitution. The decree empowered the government to take ‘all necessary measures to restore order and public security.’ It placed severe limitations on personal freedom, the right of free expression, the freedom of the press, and the freedom of assembly; it permitted the authorities to spy on people’s private communications through the post, telegraph, and telephone; it allowed the police to conduct search and seizure operations in private homes; and it enabled the police to arrest people and put them in protective custody without charging them with a specific offense. From that point on, therefore, the Nazi police enjoyed extraordinary and largely unlimited powers.” Page 87

[In regard to the expulsion of the Jews, the Nazi state did everything it could to take all the money and property they had, thus encouraging them to emigrate.]

“A circular from Hitler’s foreign office in January 1939 states that ‘it is in [the] German interest to force the Jews over the border as beggars, because the poorer the immigrants [become], the greater the burden that the host country [faces].” Page 91

Nazi Terror—The Gestapo, Jews, and Ordinary Germans
By Eric A. Johnson, 2000, Basic Books

I am seeing parallels here between the fires of 9/11, and the apparently concerted attempt by Mexico to flood the United States with the poor of their country as illegal aliens. What do you think? Your papers, bitte. Shnell!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Inside the Open Border Lobby (OBL)

I was present at a worried meeting of the Coalition to Tear Down the Walls recently. They’re composed of representatives from Border Action Network, Derechos Humanos, No More Deaths, the Sierra Club, and some environmental groups.

They were brooding over the Real ID act and the Minute Man Project. I needed more than one pair of hands to count the number of times they called the opposition "racist." It seems nothing and no one is ever good enough for these people.

They dislike the Real ID act, NOT because it requires standardized identification from each state and creates a de facto national identification card, thus lessening our freedom and impinging upon states’ rights. They don’t like it because of the environmental sections! Apparently, it gives license to the DHS to override the EPA and any environmental impact statement requirements when it comes to enforcing the immigration laws along the border! According to them, the act exempts the DHS from obeying any federal law while securing our border.

While claiming on one hand that “no real science has been done on the environmental impacts” of lights and fences along the border, the OBL members assert, on the other hand, that the effects of constant high voltage lighting on wildlife is the same as putting up a fence, since “the animals won’t go near it.” [Huh?] The representative from the Sierra Club said that they want to get more involved in border issues, and were planning on creating a paid position for someone to prepare environmental impact statements, and to monitor the situation, in addition to commenting upon already published Environmental Impact Statements. Unfortunately, no one mentioned the impact that the illegal aliens have on the environment—it was all about the animals!

Some expressed surprise that Senator John McCain had actually called one of their organizations to ask about environmental impacts before the Real ID act was passed. They thought McCain might make a good ally for them, since the Congress was now filled with “evil Republicans.”

There was some joy as it was revealed that Organ Pipe Cactus has been doing a study on ORV’s (Off Road Vehicles) to find out which ones are creating the greatest impact on the environment.

The coalition discussed the 2 day conference they had planned to invite all the government agencies to for the purpose of educating them about the environmental impacts of border enforcement. They even bought food in an attempt to lure government agency types to the conference, and were quite disappointed when the folks from Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument had backed out. It seems the food was quite expensive (not to mention the hotel conference rooms), so everyone in the meeting was told they could attend, provided they “didn’t eat any of the food.” [If you’d like to attend this conference, it’s March 9-10 at the Sheraton, 5150 E. Grant, in Tucson. Meetings will start at 7am and go til 9pm the first day, and from 8am to 1:30pm, the second day. And just remember, don’t eat any of the food at the Wildlands Project conference!]

Kat Rodriguez of Derechos Humans said that “fear has spread like wildfire” throughout the illegal immigrant community since the passage of Proposition 200. “Parents aren’t taking their kids to school, or even to Head Start physicals, so that they can get into school.”

The Minute Man Project is being “heavily advertised on neo-nazi, white pride sites” on the internet. Since they’ve had a “poor turnout” in the past, it’s possible there may not be too many people who come to the event in April.

The OBL is afraid of the Minute Man Project, and doesn’t want to confront the “gun-toting vigilantes” in the field. They prefer “unity celebrations, volleyball across the border,” and alternative events on weekends in a safe place like Tucson. Someone called “walking Mary” has claimed that she and her group will go along with the Minute Men to “monitor them,” but no one seems to know if she will actually show up.

Everyone agreed with the statement that “Janet [Napolitano, Gov. of AZ], Charleton [US Atty for AZ], and Terry [Goddard, Atty. Gen. Of AZ], all think they’re in control.” Isabel Garcia said, “If anything happens [during MMP—see], it plays right into Border Patrol’s hands for more agents and more structure." [Note the cozy relationship the Communist one-worlders have with politicians…calling them by their first names.]

Then there was more talk about getting politicians to take a stand on the side of the OBL against the MMP. Terry Goddard, opponent of Proposition 200 is against “vigilantes.” Paul Newman, one of 3 Supervisors of Cochise County, said that the MMP hadn’t gotten the necessary permits yet, and they needed to comply with Articles 6 and 18 of the zoning codes. Ruben, a Hispanic man, said he wanted the Border Patrol to take a stand either for or against the MMP. [Border Patrol has consistently said they oppose MMP. Perhaps Ruben needs help with his literacy lessons.] Anyway, no one at the meeting wanted to do anything to help publicize MMP.

The Sierra Club representative said that the focus MUST BE on the “vigilantes,” because there are “people coming into our communities who are ARMED.” [Whatsamatta, you never noticed all the armed citizens who live in AZ?]

People who own land on the border must say whether they are for MMP or against it. Isabel Garcia said that some of it is going to take place in Miracle Valley at the Bible College. “They murdered people down there—remember Jimmy Judd?” [Perhaps she was referring to a gun battle that took place on the other side of Highway 92 between Sheriff’s deputies and some newly-arrived citizens who were heavily involved in drugs and crime in 1986.]

The environmentalists said they were “concerned” about the San Pedro Riparian Area, and that the “land managers there have been beaten into submission by the Border Patrol.”

“What are the little birders from Pennsylvania going to think when they see gun-toting vigilantes?” Kat Rodriguez asked.

Someone suggested that the Chambers of Commerce be asked to write letters saying they oppose MMP. Defenders of Wildlife is supposedly poised to file yet another lawsuit to support endangered species. Kat said that in San Diego, the fedgov is proposing to fill a canyon and flood a protected estuary, “all because Border Patrol doesn’t want to drive up switchbacks.”

Lupe Castillo of Derechos Humanos said that since 1986, “everything they do in San Diego comes to Arizona.” According to her, there is a trade-off when a certain amount of immigration is legalized; mountains are torn down, and walls are broken up.

The worrisome part of the Real ID act is that it exempts DHS from judicial oversights! It’s necessary to hit on the issue of private property rights in opposing the DHS provisions of the House Real ID act. [Funny, isn’t it, how private property isn’t a valid issue when the OBL’s loveable little hordes come streaming across the border illegally?] All environmental groups, from the National Resources Defense Council to, are allied against this provision of the Real ID act.

Margo Cowan, a Public Defender for Pima County, warned those present: “Be careful—don’t let them play the environmentalists off against the immigrant activists.”

Amid much muttering about how awful the MMP and the government are, Kat said, “Ninety-nine percent of the time these days, no one in DC cares what the environmental community thinks.”


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